Request for installation of software or dataset on Galaxy Australia

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Please use this form to request a new resource on Galaxy Australia. The information you provide will allow us to identify the suitability of the requested tool/data across the life science community. Please note that due to resource constraints, submitting a request for software or reference dataset doesn't guarantee that assistance can be provided.

We may contact you to request further detail.

Is your request for a new tool or a new dataset on Galaxy Australia?

The Galaxy Toolshed is like an app store for Galaxy tools. These tools can be installed on Galaxy Australia in a matter of days. Learn about the Galaxy Toolshed here.

See the screenshot below for where to find the link to a tool on the toolshed website. Click on the copy to clipboard icon for your tool and paste the URL here.

Toolshed help screenshot
Test data can help us to validate and test this tool more quickly. We may contact you to request this data.
For example: MM10, Bor Tauras v6.2, Hg38 Please remember that different versions of a tool will likely produce different results.
In certain cases it may be possible for us to resource the wrapping of tools for inclusion in the Galaxy Toolshed - this could be any open-source tool that is of value to the Galaxy community. In this case, we will require a link to the software code (e.g. GitHub repository). What is the authoritative source to download the dataset from?
Please provide as much information as you can to explain why this software should be installed/updated. e.g. a new version of the software has been deployed that produces significantly improved results from the version that is currently installed. Please include links to relevant references. Please provide as much information as you can to explain why this reference dataset should be installed.

A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address that you provided.

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