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GVL version 5 released!



The Genomics Virtual Lab (GVL) has had an update to version 5!

  • The GVL 5.0 is a ground-up rewrite of the GVL based on Kubernetes and containerization technologies
  • Production grade out of the box, with scalability, zero downtime configuration changes, better security, fully integrated Grafana metrics, containerized tools, as well as near equivalent toolset and reference data to
  • Easily launchable on 4 cloud providers - Amazon, Google, Jetstream, and NeCTAR, and can be manually installed in other Kubernetes environments
  • Launches with auto renewing SSL certificates and cloud DNS support
  • Unified authentication through KeyCloak
  • API-driven and fully programmable
  • Support for partitioning a GVL into multiple, isolated projects is under active development, including support for multiple applications in each project with access control lists

More details can be found at:

Enis Afgan, Nuwan Goonasekera, Alexandru Mahmoud, Alex Ostrovsky, the GVL and Galaxy teams